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How to stick to a jogging routine

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If you’ve recently decided to lose a bit of weight or you’re just trying to get back on the healthy living bandwagon, you might consider going out jogging. Well, the fact is that this type of exercise doesn’t work if you’re looking to lose weight, but you’re only committing to going out and running once a week.

As with any other type of exercise plan, you have to understand that you need to put in a bit of effort to achieve your goals. It might be a good idea to create a schedule and stick to it as best as possible. Choose the days where you have more time available. You can jog after work in the evening, early in the morning after waking up, or you can jog on the weekends.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the changes you can make on your body. Just keep in mind that it is often better to start sooner rather than later.

One tip that I can give you is to use your favorite headphones and listen to your favorite music. Of course, if what you usually listen to is quiet chillout or lounge music, I wouldn’t recommend it for the purpose. You need something that’s upbeat, and that has a catchy rhythm that can help you relax and feel good about working out.

Another thing that I want to point out is that you should love your body no matter its size or shape. Many people start doing jogging because they want to shed some pounds and that’s okay, but it is their prerogative. No one can tell you how you are supposed to look. If you feel comfortable in your skin, you won’t have any problems with self-confidence when you’re out wearing your sweatpants.

Don’t be afraid that people will judge you. It’s often that other joggers just like you have started the same. Make small steps, and the change will be evident. If you have a kitchen calendar, jot down the days where you want to go out running. It’s okay to miss one every three weeks or so, but don’t make a habit out of not sticking to your workout routine because as you know and as Charles Duhigg so greatly puts it in his books, we’re creatures of habit.

If you find no sense in exercising at all and you really don’t think of it as a source of entertainment or for de-stressing, you’ll really have to make a set of rules and abide by them to make sure that you do not give up working out entirely.